Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is when a business runs an advertising campaign in specific geographic locations that reaches the prospects and potential consumers when they are outside their home. Outdoor advertising may use different tools such as Billboards, Restaurant ads, Transit ads or others.

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Forms of Outdoor Media include:

  • Billboard

    Billboards offer marketers and advertisers a wide degree of flexibility in their campaign, and are available in all kinds of sizes, and in all kinds of places

  • Transit Advertising

    Transit advertising placements are most common on the sides of buses. These types of outdoor ads are also seen in subway and metro stations, in train cars and taxis, and in airports.

  • Street Furniture

    Street furniture outdoor ads are great for building awareness in high foot-traffic areas. You’ll see these ads in bus shelters, on park benches, telephone kiosks, and newsstands.

  • POS Displays

    Point of sale (POS) display advertising is another out of home advertising example. Most people will run into POS ads while shopping at grocery stores, restaurants, and department stores.

  • Mobile Billboards

    Similar to transit advertising, mobile billboards are a form of out of home advertising, where the ad is placed on the side of a truck or trailer.

  • Guerilla Advertising

    Guerilla advertising is an unconventional form of outdoor advertising. It can be very creative and include tactics such as employing team members to pass out flyers, hold flash mob events, or open pop-up shops.