Our Team

Prabhat Aggarwal

Specializes in the areas of go-to- market, business transformations, Digital/ e-commerce, M&A & C-level decision making. He has led multi-billion-dollar business transformations in consumer markets. An accomplished leader, with more than 22 Years’ of Industry experience in Internet, Telecom, Financial services & Engineering areas. He holds an engineering degree from Delhi College of Engineering and a Masters from Indian Institute of Science.

Pawan Thakur

A seasoned marketing & communications  expert with more than  20 years of experience  in creating high performance in his partner  brands. He is known for driving brand growth,  maximizing operational excellence and  delivering financial performance. He holds an  MBA in marketing and is based in Delhi. He is  an exceptional leader with committed  thought process in all aspects of life. He is  responsible for strategic direction, vision &  performance of the brand.

Rajeev Choudhary

He is a seasoned media expert with 20 years of experience in media  buying, media production & cross-selling. He has vast experience in managing large media spaces like airports, street furniture, Bill-boards, Malls Branding, Brand Activations and execution including fabrication maintenance and installations. A creative thinker who craves a challenge and not afraid to go out of the comfort-zone.

Maninder Sachar

A Venture Capitalist who invests in new  technologies and young start-ups. Has extensively worked in Corporate America, especially in Wall Street financial powerhouses like JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley for about 20 years. Also, partly owns a tech firm specializing in cloud- computing consulting and a US manufacturing firm making LVDT sensors. Completed B. Tech from Delhi College of Engineering and M. Tech from NC State University in US.

Suman Singh

A veteran marketer with strong digital and  ecommerce expertise. An MBA professional with  over 13 years of marketing experience. He has  worked with renowned organizations & has  steered several multi- national brands. He  specializes in digital transformation,  performance marketing and consumer  experience. His strength is in understanding the  business of his clients, formulating an effective  communication and implementing performance  KPIs to achieve business goals.

Creative Team

Our creative team is responsible for generating attention-grabbing ideas that will create top of the mind awareness in the target audiences.