About Socialsocket

Who we are

We are a growth marketing firm, specializing in consumer space and applying a 360-degree approach through all forms of media delivering a higher value for the buck. Our expertise is in go-to-market, media, communications and performance marketing. We have been at the forefront of BTL media namely- OOH, Retail and digital led interventions.

We understand the world of personalization, co-creation and eco systems. Our  expertise is in building the most apt marketing strategy, finding the  most meaningful media that connects with the target audience, and turning  this intelligence into measurable growth.


Our Experience

  • Digital Footprint

    Our teams have over a decade of digital marketing experience and have worked with  various industry verticals such as fashion, manufacturing, real estate, education,  healthcare & more. We have helped clients making them digital-ready through social media, brand campaigns, performance marketing, customer engagement, online conversions & sales growth etc.

  • OOH Media Success Stories

    We have been at the forefront of innovation within this space by consistently delivering a media that’s engaging,  accountable  and a relevant part of everyday life. We have executed campaigns for clients from Automobile, Telecom, Banking, Real-Estate, Media & Entertainment industries.

  • Brand Activations Case Studies

    It is a process of building awareness about the product by directly engaging with the  target consumer, with an intention of creating a unique bond between the brand the  consumer. We cover Residential Societies, Corporate Parks, Gyms, Retail Stores, QSRs,  Petrol Pump Activations, School & College Activations etc.

  • Exhibitions & Events

    Events and meetings present a great opportunity to build the brand value.  A well-executed event can build market share and brand equity by creating a stronger  and meaningful connection between the brand and its audience.


Why Socialsocket?

In a world awash with brands, most  are either unable to chart  a clear  course in today’s uncertain  marketplace or drowning in a sea of sameness. A distinctive ad-  vantage comes from a 360-degree approach to the positioning & communication. We communicate about what consumer buys into and not what he buys.

We have a track record of  successfully delivering on  challenging briefs often  characterized by urgency and a sense of uncertainty about the potential  outcomes.